Taylor Swift @ O2 Arena 01.02.2014

The extent to which she is actually playing them aside, it’s always appreciated when a pop star with a status such as Swift, performs with other instruments other than their voice – in tonight’s case – her guitar, banjo and piano all make an appearance. Indeed, whilst other popstars may rely solely on sex appeal and countless costume changes, it’s a refreshing aspect of her show; there’s an innocence (and show of musicianship) that is absent from so much of modern pop music – the ‘attitude’ here is as much as a few male dancers being pushed away defiantly or a cheeky smirk perfected by Swift. Of course, that’s not to say costume changes and the aesthetic pleasures of both the stage show and Swift herself, aren’t endorsed (and welcomed) tonight. 

Several themes run throughout tonight, and mostly, that means an excuse to unleash themed dancers and stage show props with each song. This hotchpot of ideas seems somewhat apt as there is a diversity to the setlist also, which sees Swift travel from the dubstep-tinged ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, to the B-stage for a solo-acoustic rendition of ‘Fearless’, and then back to a violin-and-banjo-accompanied country hit, in the form of ‘Mean’. This isn’t mentioning the pure power-pop of set-closer ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, or the duet with her rapturously-received guest, Ed Sheeran, in which they played his song, ‘Lego House’.


Through several costume changes that see her transformed from a flowing red dress, to a fancy-dress ringmaster and then to a Union-Jack emblazoned t-shirt and her signature shorts, Swift’s variety ensures the show stays exciting – not that the screams of adoration would be any less if the idol of these many, many young girls was just to stand still. Despite a young man invading the stage to give a letter to the singer – he was swiftly taken away by security, but, Taylor could be seen still holding the note later on – Swift remains flawless throughout, and ensures that the Red Tour, tonight at least, sees the colour red, represent fun. (★★★★)


State of Grace

Holy Ground


You Belong with Me

The Lucky One




Sparks Fly

Lego House [Ed Sheeran cover, with Ed Sheeran]

I Knew You Were Trouble

All Too Well

Love Story


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Were you there? Or going over the next few days? Leave a comment in our comments section and let us know!


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